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Issue 12, March 2024



Welcome to the first issue of TUEWAS Newsletter for the year 2024!

We are excited to kick off the new year with updates, news, and exciting developments happening in our community. In this issue, you will find latest updates and insights filled with informative articles, publications, completed and upcoming events, and more from our members projects across the Asia-Pacific region. Our aim is to enrich your knowledge and keep you informed about the latest trends and developments. As always, our members have shared lots of inspiring stories and knowledge products, we are sure you will find relevant information for your context.

Thank you for all your contribution to this newsletter.

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Raghu, Donaya, Khaekhai, Natasha

Raghu Babu Nukala

Spokesperson TUEWAS

Donaya Siamwalla

Networks Manager and
Public Relations Officer

Khaekhai Tanasansopin​

Office Manager

Natasha Krisanalome

Project Assistant


TUEWAS support 21 Task Forces and 23 activities under 2024 TUEWAS Innovation Fund

To support the development, realisation or production of innovative ideas with the aim to enhance distribution and exchange of knowledges, practices and experiences, ranging from publications, reports, products, trainings, to exchange dialogues. TUEWAS opened the call for task force and innovation fund application earlier this year. The three thematic topics guiding the applications of task force and innovation fund are decarbonization, women in development, and cities for future. These proposals are approved by TUEWAS steering group. We encourage you to check out our task forces and their activities. Please feel free to get in touch with our Task Force Leads to learn more and find possible synergies for future engagement.

List of Task Forces
List of Activities


The TUEWAS Women database is a crowd-sourced database of women experts working in transport, energy, water, environment/climate, and urbanism in Asia. Asia is filled with outstanding women professionals, and our database aims to showcase their talent, to connect experts and decision makers, and to offer event organisers a valuable tool for finding speakers and disrupting the cycle of men-dominated events.

The study shed light on localisation of the industrial sector amid the energy transition, via various aspects: policy framework, international experience, current status and potential of wind and solar power in the period 2025-2050.

​​During Bernd’s one month of working in Viet Nam, he has been highly appreciated by the partner for his valuable sharing and experiences related to operating power system with high proportion of RE in Germany. ​

Composting is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of mixed waste entering landfills – and it contributes to reduce methane emissions.

Districts and Municipalities in Cambodia develop local waste management plans in a participatory manner with involvement of sub-committees

Indonesia’s waste battle finds a potent ally: its women. Despite barriers, ERiC -DKTI project taps into their potential, driving grassroot change for a sustainable future.

Like a map drawn on sand, vital waste information gets washed away by institutional silos, inconsistent methodologies, standard and format. This lack of clarity leaves us a drift in a sea of uncertainty.

Not the glittering coin in the pocket, but the invisible river of funds coursing through the city’s veins. Nowhere in Indonesia is its flow more crucial than in the unseen battle against waste problems.

Lacking adequate infrastructure, battling weak regulations, and facing a public largely unaware of the impending environmental and health threats, regional leaders have been struggling to find out the most efficient waste management strategies.

The ASEAN Power Grid Advancement Program (APG-AP) is a landmark partnership between CASE, ACE and ETP in supporting the establishment of the ASEAN Power Grid, as the backbone for the energy transition in the region.

According to the Indonesian Law, the development of public transport falls under the authority of the regional government. But how would the regional government take on the role when faced with funding constraints?

How can we intersect urban development with the topics of biodiversity and environment, as foreseen in the BMZ position paper “Sustainable Urban Development”? What are ways of interlocking bilateral and multilateral development cooperation in line with BMZ’s strategy for multilateral development policy? One of LICA’s focal persons sheds light on these questions from his perspective as the town planner of Sirajganj municipality in Bangladesh.


Upcoming Events

Completed Events

December 14, 2023 | Hanoi, Viet Nam

December 17, 2023 | VNU University of Engineering and Technology

January 29, 2024 | City of Manado, Indonesia

November 29-30, 2023; January 18-19, 2024 | Semarang and Pekanbaru, Indonesia


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AdaptationCommunity.net – The Global Programme Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change (HMCCC) have launched a global website, a subpage on Climate Change and Migration under the AdaptationCommunity.net. Please click the link for an introduction to the topic of climate change-induced human mobility, publications, and other resources. The global programme operates in the Pacific Islands, the Philippines and the Caribbean, and is supported by a team in Bonn. 

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Engage with TUMI’s threads on TUMI’s Twitter  – TUMI is the leading global implementation initiative on sustainable urban mobility formed through the union of eleven partners

TUEWAS Women Experts Database – The TUEWAS Women database is a crowd-sourced database of women experts working in transport, energy, water, environment/climate, and urbanism in Asia. Asia is filled with outstanding women professionals, and our database aims to showcase their talent, to connect experts and decision makers, and to offer event organisers a valuable tool for finding speakers and disrupting the cycle of men-dominated events.


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