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Issue 9, April 2023

Dear Sector Network TUEWAS members:

Welcome all to our first issue of the year! We send our greetings to you, and we hope that you have had a great start of the year.

We are glad to have received so many applications in response to the call for proposals for the Innovation Fund 2023. After thorough review, all applications are now approved. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and are excited to see the Task Forces in action, working on their products and activities.

This issue features articles on several topics, including agriphotovoltaic, energy transition, sustainable transportation and logistics development. We thank everyone who have send in their contributions and hope that you will have an enjoyable read.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to share ideas on what TUEWAS could do to further support your work. You can reach us at tuewas@giz.de.

Warm regards,
Raghu, Donaya, Natcha, Khaekhai

Raghu Babu Nukala

(Spokesperson TUEWAS)

Donaya Siamwalla

(TUEWAS Network Manager and Public Relations Officer)

Natcha Pattanatananon

(TUEWAS Assistant)

Khaekhai Tanasansopin

(TUEWAS Office Manager)



The Indo-German Solar Energy Partnership signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Agricultural Photovoltaic technology development with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI).

Pakistan and Germany agreed to a set of joint actions at COP27 to optimise Pakistan’s climate and disaster risk assessment and management system, its access to international funding, and for a system of adaptive social protection.

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) plans prioritise productivity growth in ways that are both environmentally and socially sustainable, and enhance farmers’ adaptability to climate change while ensuring equity and inclusivity, leaving no one behind.

Officials from Pakistani municipalities visited Germany to understand the best practices and energy efficiency measures implemented by the German municipalities and state agencies.

The Sustainable Transportation Forum 2022 gathered Indonesia’s transport stakeholders to accelerate the transition towards a low carbon and sustainable transport development.

The first international symposium on biogas under GIZ’s bioenergy project (BEM) took place on 18-19 October 2022 in Hanoi.

The Capacity Development Programme conducted by SUTRI NAMA & INDOBUS provides the necessary skill and knowledge to transport personnels, ensuring the success of the Bus Rapid Transit system in Indonesian Cities.

To be proactive with the energy transition and ensure national grids’ safety and efficiency, Viet Nam should learn new application of other countries on using big data for forecasting renewable

The Green Economy Forum and Exhibition (GEFE) 2022 took place on 28-30 November 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City. 


Upcoming Events

Ongoing │ Pakistan


11 – 13 September 2023 │ Seoul, Republic of Korea

PATPA is supporting the following countries with short-term and targeted support in 2022-2023:

  • Laos PDR: Introduction to the reporting requirements under the ETF and guidance of how to set up a roadmap for first BTR,
  • Viet Nam: Stocktaking of the national and sectoral MRV/Transparency system of Vietnam

2022 – 2023 │ Lao PDR, Viet Nam

Completed Events

28 – 30 November 2022 │ Ha Noi, Viet Nam

27 – 28 September 2022 │ Sonepat, India

10 – 18 November 2022 │ Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

20 – 21 February 2023 │ Ha Noi, Viet Nam


“Viet Nam Energy Transition - Opportunities And Challenges” (Bilingual Version)

The six-chapter book introduces readers to analysis and evidence from pioneering countries in the energy transition, highlighting the message: the successful implementation of strategies to limit carbon emissions in the long term and achieving the net-zero target by 2050 will bring many economic and environmental benefits to Viet Nam.

Link to publication

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#energytransition #challenges #opportunities

Global Energy Crisis Report

CASE has analysed the impacts of the evolving energy crisis on Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam and evaluated the governments’ policy responses with implications for their long-term energy transition outlook.

Link to publication

Key buzzwords
#energycrisis #energytransition


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